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new profit

  • A profit on all spare parts that are distributed from your store.
  • A profit on cash payments received from Motopart customers.
  • A profit for helping customers find and request the correct OEM number.
  • 10% on the first 12 months of purchases made by new customers you introduce to Motopart.
  • Turnover and profit from selling your own parts on the Motopart marketplace.

Improve your customer base and access new market

  • Advertise and promote your business to millions of Motopart customers around the world.
  • Access new local customers who come to your store for parts.
  • Increase your sales of spare parts and products.
  • Improve your customers’ satisfaction by accessing hard to find spare parts.
  • Represent Motopart and become a leader player in the international auto parts marketplace.

Zero overheads
or investment required

  • There are no set-up or maintenance costs
  • Motopart authorization provides an additional asset and layer of trust for customers.
  • Increase your sales offer with access to 8 million spare parts from 31 leading brands.
  • Sell your stock to millions of customers in more than 80 countries.
  • All parts are insured and do not create risk for your business.
  • Generate direct and indirect profit as Motopart helps your business grow.

Join the Motopart revolution

Motopart is the world’s leading marketplace for spare auto parts. We connect parts suppliers with millions of customers in over 80 countries around the world. Authorized distributors are an essential part of how our marketplace works. They are stores and shopfronts that help customers get spare parts.

Some customers need a safe and secure place to pick up their spare parts. They need a friendly face to help them order the spare parts they need. Some customers also need a secure place to pay cash for their spare parts. That’s where the authorized distributor comes in.

Authorized distributors receive spare parts from suppliers. Local customers then come to collect their parts from the distributor. Connecting supplier with customer comes with a significant financial profit for the distributor. They earn a margin on everything that goes via their store, along with margins on accepting cash payments.

Becoming a Motopart distributor is low risk and requires minimal commitment. There are no setup costs or ongoing financial commitments. By joining the revolution you reach new international markets and increase your share of the local market.

Generate income and new customers

Ultimately, becoming a Motopart authorized distributor generates profit. Most of that comes from your role as a distributor of parts sold through Motopart. As a Motopart representative you’ll also assist local customer find the correct OEM number for the part they need. You’ll also receive 10% on all payments made by new customers you introduce to Motopart (for the first year they are on Motopart).
Motopart also gives you preferential access to millions of new customers in five different continents. International trust in your brand increases. Your repeat client rate improves as you can offer more to local customers. You’ll advertise your business to local Motopart customers and get new customers through the door. Just think: everyone who picks up a part with you could become a direct customer as well.
Joining Motopart as an authorized distributor provides exposure and profit, on an international scale and within your local market.
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  • 1
    Owning or renting a suitable store location where Motopart can be represented.
  • 2
    Placing the Motopart logo and poster on your.
  • 3
    Make the Motopart logo and sales materials visible on at least one sales counter.
  • 4
    Provide an electronic catalogue of all the spare parts you sell through the Motopart marketplace. This can be uploaded using a simple excel template.
  • 5
    Provide a named staff member to communicate with Motopart and ensure the seamless distribution of spare parts.
  • 6
    If you wish to accept payments then a speedy transfer of these payments to Motopart, based on timescales agreed with your Motopart agent.

How it works for Motopart distributors
Use the form to contact Motopart and signify your interest. A Motopart agent will be in touch with you, explaining all the responsibilities and answering all the questions you have. The responsibilities you have as a distributor are all linked to the profit you can generate.
  • 1
    Ensure delivery of spare parts to Motopart customers who have paid cash at your store.
  • 2
    Accept cash payments from Motopart customers who have completed a purchase on the marketplace.
  • 3
    Encourage your customers to sign up to the Motopart website, explaining the features and how it works.
  • 4
    Help local customers find the correct OEM number for the parts they need; help them add parts to their Motopart basket.
  • 5
    Maintain the positive image of the Motopart brand and help spread the spare parts revolution to new corners of the world.
  • 6
    If you wish to accept payments then a speedy transfer of these payments to Motopart, based on timescales agreed with your Motopart agent.